Public Sector Reforms in India: New Role of the District Officer

The public sector in India has evolved over the past two centuries to adapt to contextual changes like political framework, economic conditions, and people’s expectations. Certain systemic and institutional changes reflect the ongoing transformation within the sector. One such change has been in the role of the District Officer (DO). Beginning as an area administrator-with the agenda of revenue collection and representation of colonial authority-in the 18th century, the office has today evolved into a multi-faceted functionary at the centre of district administration. Unfortunately, this process of evolution and response to the deepening of democracy has often been mistaken for a diminution of the office. This book brings into perspective the processes and impact of public sector reforms that have gone virtually unnoticed by studying developments that have quietly, but irreversibly, altered the way the Indian State provides goods and services to its citizen-customers. It calls upon the State to support the new, evolving and transformational role of the DO in the context of rapid changes. This book also identifies gaps in current research in this area.


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Comparative E-Government

Comparative E-Government examines the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on governments throughout the world. It focuses on the adoption of e-government both by comparing different countries, and by focusing on individual countries and the success and challenges that they have faced. With 32 chapters from leading e-government scholars and practitioners from around the world, there is representation of developing and developed countries and their different stages of e-government adoption. Part I compares the adoption of e-government in two or more countries. The purpose of these chapters is to discern the development of e-government by comparing different counties and their individual experiences. Part II provides a more in-depth focus on case studies of e-government adoption in select countries. Part III, the last part of the book, examines emerging innovations and technologies in the adoption of e-government in different countries. Some of the emerging technologies are the new social media movement, the development of e-participation, interoperability, and geographic information systems (GIS).


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Leadership: Quotations From The World’s Greatest Motivators

The thought-provoking quotations presented here cover a broad spectrum of topics related to leadership. The majority of authors represented are great statesmen, philosophers, or military leaders, but also included are pertinent thoughts by corporate leaders, scholars, and writers. International in scope, the collection includes quotations from every period of history from ancient to contemporary times.


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Winning Body Language

It’s not what you say, but how you say it A proven new system for nonverbal communication-from an expert to Fortune 50 CEO’s and G8 world leaders Professionals can move up in the business world with the strategic tips and techniques employed by one of the world-s most skilled communicators. Winning Body Language shows how to move to make people believe what you are saying, make them trust you, how to use the area where you are standing, and how to imitate hand motions of influential personalities to inspire confidence, and much more. Body language expert Mark Bowden brings TruthPlane, a unique model of non-verbal communication that professionals can master to give effective, dynamic presentations or memorable one-on-one meetings to their staff, colleagues, management and clients. You’ll learn how to master the universal techniques of body language, including such counter-intuitive tips as: How manipulating the six square feet of area in front of your body known as the “truth plane” How to tap into audiences’ primal brain structures so they identify with you Why looking someone in the eye while speaking with them can be deadly How imitating Hilary Clinton’s hand motions can inspire confidence And more! Winning Body Language includes a full vocabulary of gesture delivery, a comprehensive and practical understanding of the signals that bind us all together, and unique tips and techniques to help us stand out and get noticed at work:


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Even Buffett Isn’t Perfect

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor of all time. His ability to consistently find undervalued companies has made him one of the worldas richest men. Yet while his track record is hard to argue with, the Buffett way isnat the only way, nor is it always the best way, to invest.

“Even Buffett Isnat Perfect” dispels many myths about Buffett and his asolid as a rocka style. It shows readers how to learn from the masteras best moves while avoiding strategies that donat apply to small investors — and avoiding Buffettas mistakes, such as sometimes riding his winners too long.


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A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration

The newest mood-brightening volume in the popular “Cup of Comfort” series offers uplifting stories about people making a difference.

Uplifting stories that will brighten your day.


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5000 Inspiring Quotations

Thoughtful, sagacious advice from the best minds of bygone civilizations: ancient poets, playwrights, statesmen, and philosophers. From Socrates and Euripides, to Virgil and Marcus Aurelius, their subjects touch all aspects of human life — adversity, contentment, courage, death, generosity, greed, love, procrastination, war, and peace.


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