Quotations for All Occasions

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“A source of bon mots for every eventuality, a catalogue of smart things to come out with at anything from a bar mitzvah to a burial.” — Peter Reading, Times Literary Supplement

“Do librarians and readers need another quotation dictionary when a large number of excellent titles are already available? In this case, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ This lively compilation organizes quotations under three major headings: ‘Every Year’ (Passover, Labor Day, spring), ‘Occasionally’ (falling in love, taking exams, becoming a parent), and ‘Once in a Lifetime’ (turning 16, first home, first baby)….Entries supply not only the name of the writer/speaker, but the full title of the source and often a reference to the specific chapter from which the quote is taken. In many cases the compiler has attached a helpful note to explain context (e.g., when F. Scott Fitzgerald says ‘I like large parties. They’re so intimate,’ we learn that the words were spoken by Jordan Baker, ‘a bored socialite,’ in chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby). A source index adds to the book’s utility.” — Choice

Quotations for All Occasions is organized for ease of use….The collection of quotations can be recommended for a broad audience. It is also an excellent gift for someone that likes to compose a moving statement or to spice up a speech.” — Svetlana Korolev, American Reference Books Annual

“A unique title….All public and academic libraries will want to purchase Frank’s work because of the niche it fills in the vast array of available quotation dictionaries.” — Library Journal




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